Jörg Demuth

Founder and inventor of the Demuth Laryngostroboscope

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Company history

The company Demuth Elektronik was founded in 1960 by Jörg Demuth and entered into the trade register of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. After several relocations, the company is now headquartered in Hamburg Bergedorf. Humility Electronics stands for innovative developments in ENT medical technology. With the devices Stroboskop, Laryngostroboskop automatic and Video stroboscopy the company is one of the leading suppliers of these products. Service and customer satisfaction are very important in this manageable company. And to keep it that way, suggestions and criticism are welcome.

Stroboscopy is one of the recognized techniques for examining the moving vocal lips. The vocal lips are illuminated with very short flashes of light. Through the inertia of the eye, the viewer composes the individual flashes of light into an overall picture. The examination is carried out with a rigid or flexible optics.

The video stroboscopy uses the possibility to visualize the images. The images are then placed on the optics by means of a CCD camera, optionally with an optics equipped with CCD chip , Chip on the Tip digitized and displayed and stored on a PC monitor. Repeated viewing of the recording makes image editing, archiving, printing and exporting of individual images possible. The live sound is also recorded.

Software Storage, viewing and evaluation of video findings Patient, session, finding management, image editing, graphical markings HTML report. Full HD video, Touch Screen optimized. DICOM Network, WIN10