Laryngostroboskop - the original

More than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of stroboscopes for larynx diagnostics. The new laryngostroboscope LED continues this success.
As a standalone device, in the endoscopy tower or as a replacement for obsolete devices.


Optimal examination light

With an extremely bright examination light and a correct colour temperature of 4000 K, they achieve razor-thin images that lead to an even more optimal diagnosis.

Durable &

Power LED technology stands for long service life. Mind. 10,000 hours. No lamp change and no service costs necessary. Practically silent thanks to passive cooling.


With 0. 2 ms exposure time at 100 Hz pitch or 0. 02 ms exposure time at 1000 Hz pitch, it meets the highest demands on stroboscopic resolution.

Flexibility and compatibility

With the Demuth Laryngostroboscope, all common rigid and flexible endoscopes can be easily connected. For airborne sound microphone and body sound microphone. The switching takes place automatically.


The fast synchronization with the predefined tone facilitates the examination of low-voice and uncooperative patients. The device can be operated easily by pushbuttons.


Life Sound output for documentation. Data output of frequency and volume via USB 2. 0 footer On-Off

With the Laryngostroboscope LED you can create exactly the brilliant, razor-sharp images you need to analyze the moving vocal lips.

The Demuth Laryngostroboscope LED

Phoniation at 118 Hz, 78 dB and delta f= 1. 5 Hz

Life Sound output for documentation. Data output of frequency and volume via USB 2. 0

Product data

Technical data

Frequency range
70-1200 Hz

slow-loop frequency
fixed 0. 7 Hz and 1. 5 Hz

Microphone control
Air/body sound microphone

Filter vibrations
0 to max. 20ms

Frequency/sound level display dB
Self-luminous display 15mm

Light output
Power LED Approx. 4000k

Live sound, Hz, dB via USB2. 0

Grid connection
100 to 240 V – 50/60Hz

Power consumption
max. 120VA

B 320, H 100, T 230mm

2,9 Kg



EU Conform MDR 2017 / 745 / EU

Anhang IV for medical produkts

Medical-device class I

BASIS UDI-DI: 42700027348001DW

Light source for endoscope also strobelight