Laryngo-stroboscope - Demuth automatic


A truly automated device. No buttons are necessary for filter or microphone sensibility. High-resolution photos and crystal-clear definition of outer edges in the video stroboscopy.

1. Xenon and Xenon lamps for laryngoscopy and stroboscopy. The economic solution.
2. Lighting equipment for all rigid and flexile endoscopes. Universal light output.
3. Microphone control with voice-sensitive microphone. An impact sound microphone is also available.
4. Setting of a fundamental frequency (fo) and display on a self-illuminating monitor. Output of data: Fundamental frequency, sound pressure and acoustics for the video stroboscopy.
5. Foot lever for switchover to "stop - freeze frame - slow motion". Slow motion frequency can be doubled by the push of a button. All functionality is displayed on the device.
6. Second light output of 150 W with digital dimmer.
7. Air flow with on/off switch to prevent the optics from fogging.
8. Easy exchange of the lamp bulbs.