The Laryngostroboscope Demuth automatic is a fully automatic appliance. There are not any buttons to adjust the filters and the sensitiveness of the microphone. The tone phonated by the patient is recorded by a little airborne sound microphone O 10 mm which is fixed to the endoscope or to the patients collar. For the recording in the video-stroboscopic this tone will be given out by a socket of the appliance, as well as the basic frequency (fo) and the sound pressure in dB (A). This is only valid for appliances with installed fade-in of the measured values. The formation of the basic frequency happens within the instrument without delay at 440 Hz and needs less than 20 ms at 120 Hz. The flash needs about 5 ms. These values produce an exellent and sharply defined picture. It is also possible to synchronise by a microphone fixed at the body. In this case the larynx could be gently displaced caused by the pressure of the contact surface.



It is economical to use seperate Xenon-lamps for the flash-light and the permanent light. The differences in the colour-temperatur which may occure are compensated by filters. You work with a pedal > stop – still 0-400° - slow motion 0.75 Hz <. You can double the frequency of the slow motion by pressing a button at the appliance. The speed of the slow motion may also adjust on other values between 0 and 2 Hz.

There is a second light exit to connect f.e. a head lamp or in case of lamp defect to finish the examination.

An installed ON/OFF-Airflow helps the optic not getting clouded.